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Identify opportunities for growth, see what you need to change in your business, prioritize, make action plan and go for it. EXPANDIST is going to guide you and make sure you explored all your options. We focus on high potential areas for growth.

Need more bang for your marketing budget? Let’s find out what works for you and where you can realise faster growth with more effective (digital) marketing methods. EXPANDIST provides a clear link between marketing budget spend and your business results.

Explore potential of e-commerce for your business. Find the right business model how to reach out to B2B and B2C customers, maximise the impact and grow new sales beating your competitors.

Rank which countries suite the best your expansion. Decide what is the right entry strategy for the next country. Build distribution for your products. Formulate most effective marketing strategy. EXPANDIST is  supports you in every step and makes sure you take the right steps.


EXPANDIST s.r.o. │ Office: Drtinova 2a, Praha 5 │tel. +420 603 166 553 │IČ: 03831981


Spis.z.:    C 238543 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze, sídlo Strančická 3339/35, Strašnice, Praha 10 │DIČ: CZ03831981

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